Master the Art of Performance & Public Speaking

Learn how to be a better performer with personalised performance coaching lessons from award-winning Jamaican actor and coach, Philip Clarke. Each plan is a conversation made to meet your needs as a performer.

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Performance Coaching & Public Speaking Areas of Focus

Professional one-on-one lessons with award-winning Actor & Performance Coach, Philip Clarke

Communicating with your audience

No two audiences are alike. You will learn how to understand your audience and the appropriate language to use when communicating with your audience.

Dealing with the nerves

Nervousness can stop us in our tracks. You will learn how to use those nerves to achieve a great performance and how to accept them as part of who you are and redirect them back to your audience.

Stage presence

You can learn to occupy your performance space by building your confidence in your craft. How you manipulate your body on stage to capture the attention of the audience is power. Whether it is a speech or song performance, you can stand tall and strong in your space and more importantly in the memory of the audience.

Making a memorable performance

Every performer wants to leave an audience wanting more. When one has a connection with an audience, the relationship develops and it is that relationship that I will help you to cultivate. It is a process that involves first connecting with yourself: body, mind and spirit.

Know yourself and then unleash on your audience with intent, technique and energy.

Finding your personal style

Your personality is the most important tool to engaging your audience. You will gain the ability to channel the best parts of yourself into the delivery.

Executing physical expressions on stage

Your personality is the most important tool to engaging your audience. The ability to channel the best parts of yourself puts you in good stead in making a good delivery.

Philip Clarke posing cheerfully in black and white

Philip Clarke has over twenty (20) years’ experience as a trained teacher who tutored oral communication, public speaking, public relations, dance choreography and drama.

As a practitioner in dance, acting, directing and producing theatrical productions, Philip Clarke possesses the unique ability to reach persons from diverse backgrounds. Having won two Actor Boy awards in 2010 and 2019 for his role as Best Supporting Actor in a play, it has prepared him to be the Performance Coach who will propel current performing artists and speakers to their highest level.

He also coaches speakers to identify and become comfortable with their personal speaking style. After representing Jamaica in the Toastmasters International Regional Evaluation contest in Puerto Rico, he won the award for Best Evaluator of a Speech in 2013.

Student Testimonials

Meet some  of the amazing students who participated in my performance coaching and public speaking courses.  
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"I learned how to own my craft and discover self so that I could transfer exactly what I wanted to my audience."
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Black Dice
“ He boosts my confidence and teaches me how to use the stage and interact with my audience.”
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Indie Allen
"Being vulnerable allows me to be genuine and every performer needs to have a genuine connection with the audience"
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"He helps people to heal so that they can be their most authentic selves on stage"
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Jamila Falak
"I learnt how to push the boundaries and step outside of my shell"
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"He looks at the issues behind the issues which allows you to be yourself while being a performer in all aspects"
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Rayven Armani
"My performance game tun up!” The reviews have been positive!"

Lights, Camera: Real Life Podcast

The lights come up, the camera focuses- you are somewhere in between and the reality of your life is on show. We feel compelled to put on a show and give a pleasing performance all the time. On the stage of life sometimes, is filled with some award winning performances that most will never get to see onstage. Sometimes not all of our stories are all glamour.

Join Philip Clarke as he unearths the many roles of actors, teachers, singers, artists, lawyers, writers and much more as they share their journey and the lessons learned on that journey on Lights, Camera: Real Life!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a schedule of sessions I need to complete?

I arrange the sessions according to the client’s needs.

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes. You always determine the pace and the coach makes recommendations unless you are working on a specific execution date.

Are you a Life Coach?

No I am not.

Is there a level of confidentiality?

Yes. Everything that is said and done in the session stays in the session.

Can I stop at any time?

Yes. You are free to discontinue at any time but one has to give at least a 24 hr notice.

What is the cost of the session?

Please get in touch Philip Clarke directly.

Do you charge in Jamaican dollars and US dollars?

Both depending on the client.

What are your methods of payment?

Please get in touch Philip Clarke directly to discuss methods of payment.

Do I get certification at the end of the session?


Can I do it at anytime convenient to me?

Please get in touch Philip Clarke directly to discuss your custom plan.

Do you offer online classes?